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Zero Waste

Let’s talk about zero waste.
Firstly, what does zero waste mean? Well, it is a philosophy that encourages items to be reused or repurposed in order for something NOT to be discarded and end up in landfill.
We LOVE zero waste and that is why we at Heavenly Organics offer refills in compostable bags where possible. Where this is not possible, for example with our oils, then we offer £2 off your next order for every jar or bottle that is returned to us. We trialled offering body butters in refills and well – that was a messy affair and one that we’ve since ditched!
However, zero waste is not always as squeaky clean as it may initially appear. I recently stumbled upon some zero waste products. They were toiletries and were thoughtfully wrapped in paper, where they are so often clad in plastic. ‘Great’ I thought to myself, ‘this is ground-breaking and transformative’. Then I read the ingredients. These products contained a skin irritant that is widely used in toiletries: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This product would inevitably end up contaminating the ground, water systems and our oceans. Yet it is a classed as zero waste product. Good for the skin and the planet? Definitely not.
I will often be heard saying that ‘it is the whole process’. For example, something may be natural, yet it’s not organic, so there has been some unnecessary damage to the earth in its production because pesticides have been used. Or indeed a product may be organic but it’s not vegan. Therefore animals have been harmed in its making. Furthermore, I have encountered people along life’s journey who will discuss the importance of eating organically yet they use chemical-laden household products to clean their homes and do very little exercise.
Of course, none of us is perfect and Heavenly Organics Skin Care has certainly made vast improvements since we started over 6 years ago. I shudder at some of the packaging we used to begin with (bad advice). When I decided we had to ditch plastic and the last plastic packaging I needed to replace was lip balm tubes, I researched and researched to find a planet-friendly lip balm tube. I could find recycled cardboard lip balm tubes but I’d have to have them shipped over from USA. I then found a manufacturer of compostable lip balm tubes. Excitement began to simmer but they were again US manufacturers so the cost of transportation from the environmental perspective ruled it out. But to put a final nail in the proverbial coffin, the tubes contained not only palm oil but casein (from cow’s milk). Despair. So lip balms in tins it is!
There is much to be considered and a holistic and open-minded approach is advisable. After all, we are all continually emerging and learning. All of us at different paces.
“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

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